Saturday, January 3, 2009

Swamiji's message for 2009.

paramahamsa nithyananda nityananda

My message for this year is only one phrase- 'LIVE ENLIGHTENMENT'.
Understand, this year(the year 2009) let us all dedicate to 'live enlightenment'.
The moment you risk 'come whatever may' you opened the door for enlightenment.
You become ready for 'whatever is!'. 'Whatever exists' is always bliss.Let me describe Jivanmukthi(living enlightenment), conflict free life, in the inner world as well as
the outer world.Conflict free living.Living without gap between the inner world and the outer world.Either raise your energy(Shakti) to catch up with the outer world or bring your mind(Buddhi) to catch up with ther inner world. Through any one process, integrate yourself! Please understand,living and integrated life is what I call living enlightenment.Continuously living conflict free life,continuously living the beautiful harmonious feeling,continuously living in a deep feeling connection with the whole existence, with whatever is.This is what I call Living enlightenment.
You have to put it in four words- Shakti(energy to change whatever you can), Buddhi(intelligence to accept whatever cannot be changed), Yukti(clarity,understanding that the whole world is a continuous changing dream). What you call reality is a continuously changing dream.) Above all, a deep feeling of connection towards the unchanging energy what you call as master or existence. Shakti,Buddhi,Yukti,Bhakti - When you live all these four in your life experientially you are living Jivanmukthi.
You are living enlightenment.


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swami ji ke chmatkar !!!!!!

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