Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Imitate the master!

paramahansa nityananda

Creation is one, words are two. When one is enlightened one speaks for the good of the world. When you start serving others, you are traveling towards yourself. Experience and expression are not different. When you experience you express; when you express you travel towards the experience. In service, start expressing compassion. Imitate the Master. You will travel towards experience; towards enlightenment. Service is the path to enlightenment; it is a part of enlightenment.

Seekers who do not serve are caught in ego. To serve you have to relate and reach out to the world. Your tumors will be exposed. If you decide not to serve, you escape; no method to find out. Tyaga, sacrifice, will show what tumors you have; what depths you have reached. To serve human beings you need to be perfect; you need intelligence.

Giving our gratitude to Master is to strengthen our commitment. It is not worship. 100 namsakaras, prostrating, will give you only back pain and knee pain. Commit your trust to strengthen Master's mission is the only way to express your gratitude.


anthony S. said...

The article on Paramhansa Nityanand says, "Imitate the Master". After having seen his uncensored sex video on the internet, we are indeed going to imitate the great Master!!!

March 27, 2010 at 1:27 AM

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